BAJAJ, Pasti Berlaku …

Today, i opened one of my favourite blogs, 2wheels india, then I realized that a new gen of pulsar is so beautiful. Even just a spy shoot, the picture shouted at me … r u blind?

since the spy shoot of the new pulsar cames out to public,  I am not interested, because of poor picture quality i see … untill i see the picture on the satadal blogs, n realized that the bike still wearing a jacket. n the orange words on the engine, tell me, if they are not Honda … but the traditional colour of KTM.

Sooo … if u r not blind, open mindset, not poisoned by the japanesee brand. Come on, the new pulsar is worth to wait

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But i love to wait for the “rondo” of them than to get the virgin :mrgreen: i believe that the pulsar will come over in my life …

Note: I’m sure, if this prototype to enter to indonesia, most of Indonesian people, specially who love Honda Brands will laughh … just because of rear disc brake not installed! :mrgreen:

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  1. I still trust to japanese bike.why?because their power is lower than indian’s bike,or more more lower than europe machine.with the lower power,japanese bike is more safety,more cleanly-because their oil seal isn’t forced by high pressure oil in the hardworking engine.also,its reliability can be reached in long time..

  2. Ayooooo….buat para pemilik motor Bajaj, nanti kalo motor Bajaj keluaran terbaru ini udah nongol di mari, silakan rame2 ngejual motor Bajaj yg anda pakai sekarang buat nebus motor Bajaj yg baru. Daripada ente2 sekalian pada mumet mikirin spare part yang entah ada di mana dan entah kapan adanya, mendingan ente sekalian beli motor baru aja. Ngga usah kuatir dengan harga jual kembali yg jatuh, lha wong harga barunya aja udah murah banget kok (se-engga-nya kalo dibandingin ama motor jepang), jadi selisihnya juga pasti ngga bakal bikin sakit hati. Iya tho? Toh kemungkinan motor terbaru Bajaj yg bakal keluar juga harganya bakal murah juga, seperti motor2 Bajaj yg udah pernah keluar sebelumnya. Kalaupun nanti ada kasus kesulitan spare part lagi seperti kejadian2 sebelumnya, lha don’t worry be happy, ente tinggal tunggu aja Bajaj ngeluarin motor baru lagi, trus ente tebus lagi setelah ngejual motor yang sekarang. Dan begitu seterusnya. Simple sekali. Iya tho? Bukankah motto ATPM Bajaj adalah : “Keluarkan yang baru, dan lupakan yang lama.” Kapan lagi bisa sering2 gonta-ganti motor kalo ngga sekarang? Itung2 ente ngasih kesempatan biker2 di Indonesia buat nyicipin rondonya Bajaj dengan harga yang sangat merakyat. Iya tho? Hahaha……para petinggi Bajaj emang paling ngerti mindset konsumen Indonesia. Iya tho?

  3. Better to poisoned with Japanese brand…what so good about India anyway?? if you knew Indian people more closer they are arrogant and so bossy…remember batam?they are look alike everywhere…have you ever notice that no European bike is sell with a low prize,…named it for me if you found one….Japanese bike has more friendly prize even with the same cc…and you think this KTM wannabe bike will be sell in cheap…your dreaming sir,..better to suck my own dick if its even happen…trust me.

    • n what so good about Japanese brand? … dont u see many problem facing by the NMP owners?, or poor quality of plastic base material .. dont u see while u compare the price, all the japanese motorcycle made in Indonesia and more than 80% of the component also made in Indonesia, but why the price is more over than any country? …

      Padahal itu juga speknya untuk pasar Indonesia sudah di downgrade, tapi mengapa oh mengapa?

    • Percaya Sama Yang Maha Kuasa Aja nanti ane syirik percaya ente… least they build one…think to have they own not Imported one from others, they colaborated to learn not as user. It was their behavior. We never dream to ride the bike that we is our own money we fight with.Even sucking your own dick you have to be came like marlyn manson restore his back bone…Your voice is arrogan itself.. The most important they want to learn…if they proud of what they have..should you be Inspired to work hard like they do and Reverse the arogance…of your own behavior….do not misjudge…

  4. BAI still need to improved their After sales Service and educated their staff more regarding the brand they living on.. Gaining trust by Customer Loyalty came from improvement..

  5. model depan nya pernah lihat ya kaya motor honda tiger !!!! so pasti aku sih belinya yg pasti2 aja lah yg sudah ter uji sejak lama honda wae lah. lebih ngirit bensinnya

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