Indonesian troopers second winner of unifil shooting competition



Members of the mechanical battalion of the Garuda Contingent in Lebanon (UNIFIL) came out as second winner of the Interim Force shooting competition at the East Ebel El Saqi shooting range in Southern Lebanon yesterday.

Konga Task Force Information Officer First Lieutenant Suwandi told ANTARA by electronic message in Jakarta Monday that the shooting competition with 14 participating teams from the ten contingents of UNIFIL competed in the rifle and pistol competition.

He said the first winner is the team from the Indian contingent with 660 cumulative points, the Indonesian contingent second winner with 603 points, and the third is the Malaysian contingent with 564 cumulative points.

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The ten ountries taking part in the Inter Contingent Combat Shooting Championship 2012 are India, Spain, China, France, Ireland, Malays, Indonesia, Belgium, Nepal and South Korea.

The Indonesian Military Police members taking part in the shooting competition are First Lieutenant Aris Suciadi, Chief Sergeant Supriyadi, and Chief Sergeant Agus Sri Waluyo (rifle) and Captain Hanif Iswanto, First Lieutenant Eko Setiawan and Sergeant Major Seprianus Samuel Sosang (pistol) failed to win anything.

The medals of the winners have been handed by UNIFIL Eastern Sector Commander Brig Gen Julio Herrero Isla (Spain) to the winning athletes including those from Indonesia, and the Trophy was received by Indobatt Task Force Commander Lt Col Suharto Sudarsono.

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This activity is a means of getting together of troopers from all over the world under UNIFIL as peacekeepers in Southern Lebanon.

Berikut Prajurit Paskhas yang berhasil memperoleh juara:
Juara 1 Pistol Perorangan atas nama Sertu Setiawan (Indo FPC),
Juara 3 Pistol perorangan atas nama Pratu Jupri Trianto (Indo bat),
Juara 1 Senapan Perorangan atas nama Praka Wardono (Indo FPC),
dan Juara 3 Senapan Perorangan atas nama Kopda Tri Wantoro (Indo FPC).

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